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Did you know that in Bonesville there is an enchanted place where the fruits of the efforts of pets are transformed into riches? It is said to be the work of the town's great wizards. If you have souls to trade, you can go to the fountain and convert them into fragments that can be sold at the market. Exchange Souls (SLS) for Shards Souls (sSLS) and viceversa.


Excavated by the strong and robust Vikings of Bonesville, the cave is the way out to the outside world, the passageway that skulls and Evo/Pets use to embark on their Adventures and Missions.


The Bonesville Tavern is always very busy, you can tell by the noise coming out of that little shack 24 hours a day. It couldn't lack a place to relax where you can find all the items in the ecosystem and manage your NFTs.


Gone are the days when pirates hid their treasures in the most disparate places in the world, all their riches, and not just their own, are now stored in the Bonesville BANK. It is said to be the safest place in distant lands and an ancient and powerful Dragon guards the safes, will it be true?


The Laboratoy... Little is yet known about the experiments that take place inside and by the time they are discovered it is already too late. It is the most secret and mysterious place in Bonesville. Only skullers in possession of eggs and potions are allowed access to a small room of it.


It is not just a merchant, but an emporium complete with everything you need, such as food, cures and mysterious boxes to satisfy your Evo/Pet's needs. Above all, don't forget to drop by if you don't want to miss the seasonal eggs.

Luna Park

Without an amusement park, Bonesville would be a gloomy and boring place, or maybe not. In any case, a group of robots led by a certain Dr. Skullbot set to work to build an amusement place for the inhabitants. This is where you can win great prizes by participating in the daily raffles.


A foreigner arrived from far away acts as a link to the world of trade. If you need to buy or sell one or more pieces from the Croskull collections, you are in the right place.